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PinPoint is a superior Real Time Location technology that provides highly accurate location determination using Radio Frequency(RF) propagation delay (Time Distance of Arrival (TDOA)) without the complexity and cost requirement of requiring synchronized clocks among the operating sites.
Location accuracies of three to five feet (and better) are easily achieved in devices licensing the PinPoint technology. Because of the low cost requirements of PinPoint devices, its scalability, ease of deployment and accuracy, it represents a unique cost effective platform for a gamut of mission critical RTLS applications, devices and solutions.
A patent (7,224,984) for the PinPoint technology was awarded May 29, 2007. AlphaTrek is the exclusive commercial licensee for the patent and is actively marketing its use to businesses, agencies and institutions who want the most accurate and cost effective means for enabling RTLS applications.


Utilizing PinPoint as a RTLS platform provides the following significant benefits:
  • No time or clock synchronization is required for PinPoint based applications which reduces component and deployment costs.
  • PinPoint devices can utilize inexpensive and off the shelf standards based components including clock and timing subsystems for reduced cost of goods in tags, receivers and location devices.
  • Accurate indoor and outdoor operation is easily facilitated as no line of sight to satellites are required. Selecting the appropriate RF frequencies lets accurate measurements be made through floors, walls and other obstructions supporting numerous application opportunities in security commerce and asset management.
  • PinPoint provides modes of operation which allow massive scalability through distributed processing among devices without the need for large central server implementations.
  • Interoperability with GPS, RFID or legacy systems are possible with PinPoint which can be used to as a fallback or as a complement to exiting installations .Smooth transition of accurate location detection to areas not covered with GPS are easily implemented. New opportunities in applications suchas offender tracking both indoors and out are possible using PinPoint.
  • PinPoint has low computational requirements which can be translated into low power applications and long battery life. The algorithm used is based on simple algebraic operations.
  • PinPoint is independent of the communication technology used it can be used with the narrow-band RF, spread spectrum, or ultra wide band technologies. PinPoint is both communications protocol and RF agnostic making it suitable for the broadest range of applications and environments.
  • PinPoint does not require any infrastructure support or pre-planning for the area of deployment. This ability makes it perfectly suited for emergence deployments.
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