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The Next Generation of Mobile Emergency Communications

M-Urgency™ is unique in that it can integrate into existing public safety call centers (PSAPs) and provide voice communications through legacy 9-1-1 infrastructure.

M-Urgency™ is a context aware public safety system that provides mobile device users with an instant audio/video link to security services through an installable App available on both the iPhone and popular Android phones. The system was developed in collaboration between law enforcement professionals and a University of Maryland research team resulting is a next generation platform that interoperates in existing public safety infrastructure and embodied as a user friendly mobile application.

AlphaTrek is the exclusive commercial source for the M-Urgency™ System and its related technologies.

With a single click or button combination a mobile user can initiate an emergency connection with a security dispatch operator who can see and hear what the caller is experiencing.

The M-Urgency™ system utilizes context technology to provide the emergency operator with the location of the caller, health and special needs information other data relevant to the needs of a first responder and a complete live audio/video stream of the user’s situation as it is happening.

M-Urgency™ System Components

The M-Urgency™ System consists of the following components:

  • M-Urgency Caller (iOS and Android mobile clients) 
  • M-Urgency™ Server
  • M-Urgency™ Console (desktop client)
  • M-Urgency Responders consoles (desktop, iOS and Android mobile clients)

Situational Awareness

The emergency operator is provided with complete situational awareness scenario of the caller’s condition and can immediately evaluate the seriousness of the contact and initiate an optimal response based on the live video stream, location and caller's information.

The dispatcher can combine multiple callers responding to the same situation into an incident which is managed as a cohesive event.
The dispatcher operator is provided with map views of the adjacent areas that show the location of all emergency responders including fire, medical and police, traffic and weather information are also included to provide the dispatcher with complete context of the unfolding situation. The Dispatcher than selects from among available first responders based on required resources and conditions and passes the incident to their mobile console of the selected first responder assigning them control of the situation. The responders console then provides the real-time streaming from the user devices and may selectively communicate with any caller.
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