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Horus is a patented real time location technology available exclusively from AlphaTrek. The Horus algorithm is licence and used by industry leaders and government agencies in a variety of mission critical applications in law enforcement, asset management, e-commerce, campus security, and social networking as well as other applications.

Horus is unique in its architecture and depth of benefits. We claim it to be the most accurate location technology commercially availablefor applications on commercial mobile devices including cell phones, PDA's, internet tablets, lap tops and MP3 players, WiFienabled devices and standards based location tags.

A patent for the Horus technology was awarded July 29th 2008. AlphaTrek is the exclusive commercial licensee for the patent and is actively marketing andlicensingits use to businesses, agencies and institutions who want the most accurate and cost effective means for enabling RTLS applications.


  • Highest Accuracy: Three to five feet in standard wifi environments
  • Uses standard low cost access points
  • Scalability; algorithms may be distributed across multiple servers providing support for very large user bases
  • Minimal processing requirements. Clientserverarchitecture reremoves computationalrequirementsfrom mobile clients for minimal power usage and computational loads.
  • Available for standard mobile platforms
  • Can be implemented in any radio frequency environment
  • Suitable for embedded devices
The first live test of AlphaVyu was carried out on the University of Maryland campus in July of 2008 as a technology demonstration.In November of 2008 a full system deployment with securityservers installed in policeheadquarters for E-9-1-1 services with full situationalawareness capabilities was deployed on the 200 Acre University of Maryland campus.
Commercial deployment is pending with a major Maryland shopping mall.
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